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DJ Stant & Kameleön (Kameleon Chameleon) The channel belongs entirely to the record label. Electro House, Progressive House, Trance etc. «Anthony Stuart - DJ, musician & music producer. In recent years, I have been busy promoting their business leaving my musical career for а while. I have long been living in Russia since I actually was born here). The last couple of years I've lived in Russia. I decided to pursue my musical career as a DJ, first using YouTube as a platform for promotion. This is primarily a hobby besides my main professional activity. During this time I have has enough dance electro singles (over 50 tracks) and I still continue to engage in this occupation». Club Dance Music 2015 Dancing, DJ's battles, original mixes. EDM Only Original Tracks ▶ Regarding cooperation - mixsmedia@gmail.com ▶ Concerning advertising and brands - mixsmediatv@gmail.com ▶ Official web-site is under construction.. © Copyright 2015-2016 by company Mixs Media™ Group International